Sizes: Kinda Hungry $3.99 | Pretty Hungry $4.49

Sizes: Kinda Hungry $4.99 | Pretty Hungry $5.49

FRENCH KISS | biscoff, bananas or oreos, cream sauce, vanilla icecream

COOKIE DON'T YOU WANT ME | cookie dought, hersey's syrup, cream sauce, and vanilla ice cream

OREO & CREAM |cookies and cream ice cream, crushed oreos, cream sauce, hersey's syrup  

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM | strawberries, berry sauce, cream sauce, vanilla icecream

NOTORIOUS NUTELLA | bananas, cream sauce, and nutella

THE NEWEST ONE | In Design now

TURKEY PESTO | turkey pesto white cheese

TURKEY BACON AVOCADO | turkey bacon avocado white cheese

FIESTA CHICKEN | taco mix chicken mexican cheese black beans avocado salsa

SOUTHWEST CHIPOTLE CHICKEN | chicken southwest ranch (light) sauce mexican cheese fritos black beans

TURKEY BACON RANCH | turkey bacon ranch sauce white cheese

EGG MELT | choice of meat, egg, cheese based on meat choice

HONEY BBQ CHICKEN | Chicken, BBQ sauce, mexican cheese